Using Epson innovation products, we're working with our partners around the world
to provide each of them with individually optimized solutions and work to solve a wide range of social issues.

Enriching a society and life together with each and every customer

Since 1942, Epson’s DNA has continued to embody the idea of efficient, compact, precision technology, and now our IoT hubs enable customers to access this power whenever and wherever they are. This new model is available to all, and we’re building a robust digital platform - B2B, B2C, and business supporting families at home.

Epson is helping our customers in education, tourism, healthcare, and disaster prevention tackle the challenges they are facing. COVID-19, for example, has made it difficult to teach on paper in person. To help meet this challenge, we developed the new Epson Connect system using remote printing and scanned submissions of study materials and a system that combines digital and real technologies to reduce learning disparities.

By providing timely solutions to issues that vary by region and lifestyle, Epson creates a customer-centric long term relationships, offering continuous support in solving social issues.We are working to solve problems with a wide range of partners, each with their own services and ideas, from start-ups to industry, government, and academia. Our Open Innovation Center in the Japanese city of Aizu-Wakamatsu is just one example of a nationwide effort to build a framework to solve issues using technological innovation.This project contributes to creating smart cities and social infrastructure, and we plan to roll out this demonstration model nationwide and globally.

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Mix Colors Session

Different people, companies, and environments. New value is created when the individuality and strength of each of these elements are mixed and shine together, and Epson will work with all its partners to address various social issues and enrich life sustainably.