Palette for Innovation

Palette for Innovation

Let's tackle social challenges through innovation with Epson!

Why Epson DX?

Epson products and services all carry Epson DNA - efficient, compact, precision technology, and through that we have created connections with customers around the world. Based on those close relationships, we continue to meet customer needs to contribute to customer success by Epson DX.


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Mix Colors Session

Different people, companies, and environments. New value is created when the individuality and strength of each of these elements are mixed and shine together, and Epson will work with all its partners to address various social issues and enrich life sustainably.

Innovation HUB

Epson has bases that serve as hubs for innovation. We’re able to provide Epson technology for all our partners, places to experiment with implementation, and a worldwide network. At every step of the way, we work together to bring our partners’ ideas to life and support the realization of innovation in a real space.

  1. Step1
    Information sharing - discovering the potential for innovation in the cyber and real worlds
  2. Step2
    WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square - a base where information is shared, new ideas form, and innovation begins
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  3. Step3
    Epson Square Marunouchi – feel innovation through hands-on experience of Epson products
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  4. Step4
    Take shape
    Take shape
    SmartCityAiCT - innovation takes shape where ideas are tested and implemented in real life
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  5. Step5
    Epson X Investment Corporation - supporting commercialization and accelerating innovation together
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We would like to introduce our partners who are working together to solve social issues.
*The company name is in the alphabet

Solution Partners

  • EAST Inc.

    EAST Inc.

    East has been supporting commercial facilities management by providing solution development and outsourcing. They provide customer-focused services with the mission of being the go-to company for operational scheme.

  • eatas Co., Ltd.

    eatas Co., Ltd.

    eatas provides the technology for nutritionists thrive and provide appropriate nutritional management

  • eisyunsya Co., Ltd.

    eisyunsya Co., Ltd.

    Eishusha supports middle and high school students by publishing past entrance exam questions (the "Red Book") and sells a learning materials printing system (KAWASEMI Lite) which is based on past exams.

  • idea spot Inc.

    idea spot Inc.

    Idea-spot runs micro-schools (independent learning institutions) focusing on competivitive tutoring to give each student personalized education.

  • kaien - Hostel & Café BAR

    kaien - Hostel & Café BAR

    Affordable shared accommodation bundled with cafés providing a meetup spot for travelers



    Travel themed café located on the forth floor in Marunouchi Bldg with overlooking the Tokyo station. Provides an oasis with snacks and drinks which promotes seasonal domestic/imported merchandise, sweets and books.

  • N Inc.

    N Inc.

    Through their vision of "bridging anolog and digital" N,Inc provides innovations such as cloud mail receiving services, "atena"

  • Nonprofit Organization Clipper

    Nonprofit Organization Clipper

    An NPO that strives to close the regional and economical gaps in education. They are the provider for programming leaning material, ""

  • OPERe Co., Ltd.

    OPERe Co., Ltd.

    OPERe modernizes operations and visualizes medical facility tasks using technologies.

  • via-at Co., Ltd.

    via-at Co., Ltd.

    viaat provides the platform to convert whole regions into a co-working space.

  • Acceleration Partners

    Epson Connect API

    Use case of Epson Connect API

    • Improve business workflow by scanning to digitize documents
    • Distribute educational contents and easily print with the app
    • Instantly print remotely and increase business efficiency