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Epson Connect, a cloud service,
makes learning at home easy and comfortable
by enabling remote delivery and submission of printed materials

What is the cloud service
Epson Connect ?

Send printed materials from the tutoring school to printers in students' homes

Epson Connect

Handwritten answer sheets are scanned from student home printers and submitted to the school

Epson Connect is a cloud service that "connects" people at a distance using digital technology.
Single and multifunction printers connected to the Internet have an e-mail address and can print and scan from anywhere.

Launched in 2011, Epson Connect is used globally in various industries.

In operating a home study program in a classroom or tutoring school,
do you have any problems?


Provide the same level of support for home study as for tutoring


Prepare students to write answers on paper for exams


Deliver printed materials digitally and streamline the process (at home)


Preparing to mail printed materials is time-consuming and labor-intensive

Discover the Solution: Epson Connect !


Connect to home

Provide families with a secure way to connect with school, even away from home


Never stop learning

Print learning is possible anywhere! Create a learning rhythm with delivery from school


Easy to use

No need to use a PC or smartphone at home! Just operate the printer and you're done!


Save time and effort

No need to mail anything! Instructors can focus on teaching

In addition

Utilizing the Epson Connect API allows users to visualize learning status and optimize individualized instruction based on data by linking with applications such as LMS (Learning Management System).

Click here for details of API linkage and other information for developers.

Case Studies

Idea Spot

Microschool management using ICT

What was the problem?

  • We want to provide high-quality learning support for at-home learning.
  • We want to keep the data of the grading results of assignments, which we have been managing in analog form. We want to to share detailed learning status by subject among instructors and with families.

Value Provided

  • By introducing a remote delivery and submission service for printed materials, we replicated a learning environment comparable to a tutoring school at home. The printer connected to the school allowed the students to establish a good study habits.
  • When students submit answers to the printer, a log of printer usage can be automatically obtained. The resolution of the information necessary for instruction has improved, and detailed individual optimization instruction has become possible.

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